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What is SkySearch? [English][Korean][Chinese][Japanese]

SkySearch Windows 8 app is your 'SkyDrive Public folder' to worldwide users can search, download and run. It is you are able to do so.

Please upload the file to 'SkyDrive Public folder' you want to share. and press the 'Enable to SkySearch' button in SkySearch.


* Special feature

1. Public SkyDrive folder, you can search, download and run.

1) Search result


2) Folder view detail


3) And select the file you want to download, click the Download button.


4) Multi-downloading


2. My SkyDrive folders can be created, deleted.

1) My SkyDrive, go to the screen


2) Create a folder, click the New Folder button after the Appbar. Then enter a description and folder name of the folder, the popup will be displayed.


3) After a while, the added folder will be displayed.


4) Select the folder(file) you want to delete. And Delete button click.


5) Click the OK button.



3. My SkyDrive Public folder SkySearch to register, and can be turned off.

1) Navigate to the folder permission is set to Public. And navigate to the folder you want to register on the SkySearch.

For example, you have just created, go to the Test Folder.And Appbar display.


2) Click the 'SkySearch' button.


3) 'Enable to SkySearch' button click and the first catalog and a second catalog, select and enter a description. And click on the confirm button.


4. My SkyDrive files, multi upload, multi downloaded, and can be delete.

Uploading and downloading at the same time, 8 to proceed. (Maximum upload file size is 100MB.)


5. My SkySearch can modify the information in the folder.

1) Navigate to My SkySearch view.


2) Click on the folder you want to modify the information. And after Appbar output, click on the Edit button.


3) After modifying the category and description, click on the confirm button.


6. Category view of the design has been changed, and at a glance you can see the contents of the entire category.


7. English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese are supported.

8. Live-Tile support. Tells the newly added shared folders.


* SkyDrive Public folder?

SkyDrive has access some permission.

Public Allow to everyone, this is 'SkyDrive Public folder'
Shared Allow to a few people
Just me : Allow to me


* History

1.2 Update

- Folder : add / delete function added
- File : Multi upload(less than 100MB) / delete function added 
Other's SkyDrive
- Category view design change
- Snap view design change
- Navigation Appbar add
- Add Japanese, Chinese


1.1 Update
- Add folder list view latest registration
- Add comment list view latest registration
Live Tile
- Live Tiles on the latest folder list display
My SkyDrive
- Add the download is complete file copy function
- Performance Improvement
Download List
- Display total count and complete count.
- All After the download is complete, notification
- Add Korean


Install page






SkySearch - Upload large files to the SkyDrive



Support information

Complay   : KakiSoft, /

Developer :

Designer  : ParkEJ

Bug or suggestion :




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