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Diablo 3 gameplay in "The Legend items" when you pick up, you are proud of this one in order to save the screen shot, you run the Paint program and recall it, the item selection part, copy, and store after use the.


However, this app allows users to save the "screenshot" of the item is automatically locate the part, cut, showing a list of items, and then save the selected item, Share functions using facebook, email to share or that, in the copy function within the app to copy and paste when writing immediately after performing an item and easily helps you to share images.


If you cut out the image if the item you have ever, just using a paint program, but that number is often bothersome side Maybe it'll work?

This app is for those gamers app.



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* Support game

Diablo III


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* Feature

* [New] Use OneDrive upload item images, and create links to the shared

* Item image in the screenshot gives automatically find and cut.

* Item images 'My picture folder' save.

* Item Image using the Windows share in the Share function.

* Screenshot of others in 'Item Image' to find and save the cut.

* Many 'Item Image' manage by using folder.

* 'Screenshot', 'Item Image' delete function

* Item image upload OneDrive


* Version history : 1.2.1

1. Add function to upload images to OneDrive

2. Add function generating a link to the uploaded image sharing OneDrive


* Version history : 1.2
1. Add Share target function :
If your browser displays the screenshot of Diablo, then find a desktop screenshot images available items

2. Add folder management
Many "Item Image" accessories, armor, weapons, etc., go to the folder can be managed

3. Add sound effects


1. Start Screen 



2. Add screenshot folder


Refresh Items button : refresh item images

Add Folder button : add screenshot folder


3. Select screenshot folder

Diablo 3 Screenshots default folder is "C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Documents\Diablo III\Screenshots" position.



4. Navigate folder detail page, Looking for an item in the screenshot image, please wait ...

Select screenshot image


5. Item image find success, select item images


Refresh Images button : refresh screenshot list

Delete Image button : delete selected image

Remove Folder button : remove folder from favorite list

Select All button : select all item images / unselect all item images

Save button : save the item image in "C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Pictures\Screenshot AutoCut" folder

Share button : share saved item images



6. Back to start screen

Click to item image


7. Navigate to ITEMS page



Create Folder button : create new folder in picture folder

Delete Folder button : delete select folder (Accessories, Armors, Weapons folder is default)

Delete File button : delete select files

Copy File button : select item image copy to clipboard

Share button : share saved item images


8. Select the image by using the Drag Drop functionality can be moved to a different folder




9. Images posted on the web in other players "Item Image" to find the Share feature to select the Screenshot AutoCut






10. Use OneDrive upload item images, and create links to the shared


SignIn OneDrive


SignIn Button : OneDrive SignIn



The icon appears on the bottom if image uploading is complete, the OneDrive.


Upload Button : Upload a OneDrive selected image.

Copy link Button : Copy to Clipboard to create a link to share the image uploaded on OneDrive.




Can be used to copy the link to the post on the community.




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